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The Urgency of Banning Nukes: Conversation with Prof. Ted Postol

June 06, 2022 Helena Cobban and Amelle Zeroug Season 3 Episode 1
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The Urgency of Banning Nukes: Conversation with Prof. Ted Postol
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This was the inaugural conversation in Just World Educational's project to produce and share multimedia resources to inform, educate, and engage new generations of (especially) Americans on the need to Ban All Nuclear Weapons and dismantle all existing nuclear arsenals, including our own.
     In this convo, co-hosts Helena Cobban and Amelle Zeroug discussed the growth of two massive nuclear arsenals since WW2 (in the USA and Russia) with JWE board member Rick Sterling and Prof. Ted Postol, who's a professor emeritus of science, technology, and national security policy at MIT. Postol's expertise is in nuclear weapon systems, including submarine warfare, applications of nuclear weapons, ballistic missile defense, and ballistic missiles more generally. Before his gigs of teaching at Stanford and then MIT Postol worked as an analyst at the U.S.  Office of Technology Assessment and as a science and policy adviser to the Chief of Naval Operations, in the Pentagon.
     Listen to additional episodes in this series which will be released twice-weekly through the end of June.

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How is today's situation comparable to the Cuban Missile Crisis?
If the Russians are unable to survive an American nuclear strike, why is that a problem for the rest of us?
What is an ICBM?
How much more powerful are nuclear bombs today compared to Little Boy?
What would happen if Russian missiles came in?
Why does the US continue building nuclear weapons?
How do we talk to the younger generations, that are already overwhelmed, about this issue?
How do we increase awareness of the TPNW to all Americans?